How do I qualify for Best of Houzz?


The Best of Houzz badges are awards that are given out each year to professionals. There are two types of awards:

1) Customer Service (based on your reviews on Houzz)
2) Design (based on your project photos)

To qualify for Best of Houzz - Customer Satisfaction, you need to ask your past and current clients to write you a review on Houzz, where each review counts as a nomination. To get nominated for Design, start by uploading photos of your best work.

The winners will receive the 'Best of Houzz' badge on their Houzz profile and will receive a customised press release template to share with local media, as well as access to Best of Houzz marketing material for their own websites. 

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    Hugh Tully

    I have written to Houzz as I am not happy with the Customer review system. It is extremely unfair to ask customers to have to join Houzz to leave reviews.
    It's hard enough to get customer's to bother at all, without putting them off further.
    They should be able to leave reviews regardless of their wishes to join Houzz or not.
    The review system is therefore, not necessarily reflective of a Company's standing. If the customer already belonged to Houzz and found a Company to assist with work, then of course, that Company could gain more cudos and reviews because it is easy for the customer to leave a review.

    However, for other companies that belong to Houzz and for me myself who spends untold hours helping others on the advice column for free, it is really frustrating that Houzz remains a kind of 'incestuous' community.

    I help hundreds of people every year and yet I still am stuck on 2 reviews!

    Maybe you could add a button to the Design Dilemnas section for people to click on when they have found a Pro to be especially helpful.

    The review system is flawed, and it is most certainly not reflective of effort which is the most annoying part.

    Thank you

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    I've just tried to leave a review for a Pro and spent about 30 minutes writing it. I then wanted to submit and it asked me to create an account - which I thought was a real nuisance but I did as I wanted to support the interior designer who had done such a great job for me. When I created the account the review I had written was lost. What a real waste of my time, so frustrating!

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    Hugh Tully

    One of my ladies actually went to the trouble of opening an account and submitted a review, yet my number is still stuck at two, I trust that she did this.!
    I believe the system is a little flawed and I still adamantly believe that you should not have to join Houzz to submit a review. Businesses find it hard enough to find people willing to take time out of their busy days to write something at all without having to join a database to do so.

    What is even more annoying is that the Best of Houzz awards are based on two criteria, reviews and design. What about the endless hours of help that i give freely every day of the week?? Doesn't that deserve acknowledgement. If it weren't for Pro's like myself and many others i could mention, that keep the advice column flowing, Houzz would not be the community it is.

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