How do I use the toolbox bar for comments and posts?


If you're using Houzz on desktop, you will see a toolbar at the bottom of your comment box, which enables you to write things in bold and italics. You can also bullet-point your comments and create lists. 

Uploading a photo from Houzz

To upload a photo you have found on Houzz in your comment/post, click on the Houzz Photo button and then click on 'Houzz URL' in the top navigation bar. Copy and paste your link to make the photo appear. You can also insert photos from your ideabooks or if you're a pro, your projects. 

Uploading a photo from a computer/laptop

To upload a photo from your computer/laptop click on the camera icon and then select your image.

Including a link in a comment/post

To include a link in your comment/post, highlight the word you want people to click on. Click the link icon and copy and paste the URL. 

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