How do I add home design products that I sell to the Houzz directory?


Log in to your professional Houzz account and hover over the 'Your Houzz' icon (top right corner) with the cursor. Click the 'Upload Photos or Files' link.  

Do upload:

  • Large photos (1000 pixels wide or more)
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG, or 1-page TIFF file formats
  • Good quality photos

Do not upload: 

  • Small photos
  • PDF, multi-page TIFF, or EPS file formats
  • Low quality photos 

After you have uploaded a photo of your home design product, you will be prompted to give the product a title, select an appropriate category, a style and include your website URL. Don't forget to select the right currency. Add in keywords and a description and click Done. Repeat for other products. 









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