How do I tag products?


Tagging products is a great way to give clients more information about a photo.

Identify items in the photo for which you know the source. Click the image where the item appears and select Product Tag. Lookup the product in the Houzz product database and click Confirm. 

If a product is not in the directory, go to the retailer's website and locate the product. If you have downloaded the Houzz bookmarklet, you can find a Houzz icon in the top right corner of your browser. Click on it while on the retailer's product page and a pop-up window will appear. Click on the photo of the actual product and add to an existing or new ideabook. 

Go back to your ideabook and locate the product you have just uploaded. Click on the image and then click the Edit button in the bottom left corner. Complete the fields. 

  • Product Name: The product name on the website
  • Category: Select the best product category
  • Style
  • Author ID: Your account name
  • Owner ID: Put -2; this indicates that the product is sold by a store, not you
  • Source: Select Image from Houzz
  • Price
  • Link to website: The URL from which you took the image should automatically appear 
  • Description: Not a mandatory field, but it makes the product easier to find 

When you have uploaded the product, go back to the image you want to tag. Again, select Product Tag and lookup the product you just uploaded by searching the exact name you included. Add quotation marks if you can't find it. It can take more than 10 minutes for a product to show up in the database. 

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