How do I point my Site Designer site to my domain?


When you publish your site, choose the option to publish to your custom domain. 

GoDaddy Domains

If you registered your domain to GoDaddy then select “GoDaddy” as your DNS settings provider and then select “Continue with GoDaddy Domain Connect”. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to login to your GoDaddy account. Type in your username and password and click “LOG IN”. Then select “Connect”. Close this window and you are done! Your domain is now connected to Houzz.

Other Domain Registrars

Select your DNS Settings provider in the dropdown menu. Then click the green button below that says “Get Step-by-Step Instructions”. A new tab or browser will open to your selected DNS Settings provider site.

Your A Record should point to the IP Address:
For reliability, create a second A Record to point to:

Then create a CNAME record for to point to This CNAME record will make sure that works as well as and is required for Site Designer to function properly.

You do not need to change the nameserver.

The changes generally take several minutes to appear, but it could take up to 24-36 hours for your site to appear at your domain. Your site will be available after just a couple minutes at

Note that if you did not choose the option to publish to your own URL when you first published your site, you can update this in Site Designer. Under Site Options, choose Change My Website Address and select Use my Domain. Then enter your address.

To learn more about changing your A record, visit your domain registrar (some links are below), or contact the company with whom you registered your domain for help.

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