How to Upload Promotions


Get your products more exposure by submitting promotions and sales on a regular basis! This guide shows you how to correctly submit promotions in Seller Central.


  1. Go to the Manage Promotions page

    The Manage Promotions page is where you can view, create, and manage your promotions. The page lists all created promotions including their status, start/end dates, and the products to which each promotion applies.

  2. Create a Product Group

    Product Groups

    A product group is a list of products. Every promotion must be associated with a product group. If you will be applying the same promotion settings to your entire catalog, a product group will not need to be created and you may proceed to Step 3.

    Creating Product Groups

    New product groups can be created through the Manage Product Groups page.

    Separate product groups will need to be created if different promotion settings will be applied to different groups of products, ie. Lamps 10% off, Lamps 15% off

    To create a product groups:

    1. Specify a name (required) and a description (optional) for the product group. Both are internal fields for your reference, and are not visible to the customer

    2. Select the products that you want to be included in the group. Click “Create Product Group” to save the product group

    Managing Product Groups

    Existing product groups may be edited or removed by selecting the group from the Manage Product Groups page. 

  2. 3. Create a Promotion

New promotions can be added through the “Add Promotion” button

When creating a new promotion on Houzz, the products placed on sale are determined by the data that you provide. It’s very important to input all fields correctly to ensure your promotions display correctly.

To create a new promotion:   

  1. Specify a Name (internal), Display Title (displayed to customers)
  2. Specify a start date (promotion starts at 12:00 AM GMT) and end date (promotion ends at 11:59 PM GMT) for the promotion.
  3. Choose a promotion type: "Percent off", "Amount off", or "Fixed price for all items"
  4. Specify the promotion value based on the chosen type: a % off discount, a £ off discount, or a fixed price
  5. Select the product group on which this promotion should be run. If "All Products" is chosen, this promotion will run on all products.
  6. Click "Create" to create the promotion.

4. Review Your Promotions

After creating your promotion, it is important that you check that your promotion was created correctly. Small errors can lead to big pricing errors, and cancelled orders due to pricing errors create poor customer experience and impact your Seller Score.


Below are items to pay extra close attention to when reviewing your promotions:

  • Promotion type
  • Promotion value
  • Start and end dates
  • Product group that the promotion is being applied to, and the products that are included in the product group





Question: If a product is in two promotions at the same time, will Houzz combine the two discounts?

Answer: No. Houzz will only apply the larger of the two discounts.

Question: Why are my promotions locked?

Answer: Houzz may be featuring the product in our Sale Section! If something needs to be changed, please email

Question: Do the promotions have to be locked in order for the sales to be active with the new pricing?

Answer: No, once you save your promotion in the Promotions Manager, the updated details are automatically applied.



If you have any questions, or have any difficulty creating or changing a promotion, please contact Seller Support at

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