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Return Guidelines


Houzz has established a set of standard return and damage policies to create a first-class experience for our customers, be fair to our sellers, promote the shopping experience, and generate sales. Sellers are encouraged to adopt the standard return policies, however, modifications to the policy are allowed only with approval from Houzz.


The following guidelines apply:


  • Seller must offer return policy terms on Houzz that are the same or better than what they offer on all other channels.
  • Seller must honor all return and refund requests that are initiated by a customer within the agreed upon time frame (30 calendar days).
  • Seller will provide proper shipping information, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and any other information necessary to complete a return within 48 hours of a return request.
  • Seller will promptly confirm receipt of returned goods and notify Houzz customer support ( to process the refund.
  • Seller must issue a full refund or exchange for any damaged shipment unless otherwise agreed to with the customer for any partial refund.
  • If Houzz deems that a seller has violated the guidelines or intentionally created a bad experience for a customer, the seller will be required to pay for return shipping.
  • If Houzz deems that a seller has acted appropriately and promptly and the return is not due to seller negligence, the seller will not be responsible for paying the Houzz Marketplace referral fee on the transaction.


Processing Returns


Once an order has been shipped and received by the customer, the customer has the option to request a return. You are responsible for communicating directly with the customer to resolve a return. Return requests left unanswered for more than 24 hours will negatively impact your seller score.


A return would be initiated and processed as follows:


  1. The customer initiates a return by choosing “Return Item” from their Orders page. Houzz notifies you of the return via a site message and email notification.
  2. Site messages can be found at: A link to your Messages also appears in Seller Central. You are required to respond to all customers Messages, including return requests, within 24 hours. A response can be a simple acknowledgement that you are processing the return and will follow-up with next steps.
  3. You can process the return by sending the customer an RMA number (if applicable) and a return address.
  4. Once you receive the return, inspect and approve the return.
  5. To issue a refund to the customer, please email with the order number and the refund amount.
  6. Houzz customer support will verify the refund amount and refund the customer.

Cancelling an Order


If you are unable to process an order at all -- ie. the item is out of stock and discontinued -- you may cancel the order. If you are unable to process the order on time, but the item is backordered, please see how to proceed here.


If a customer wishes to cancel an order, they can send you a message on Houzz. You will receive an email indicating you have a message from a customer. Please respond using the Houzz messaging system and work out the details of the cancellation. Late responses to cancellation requests negatively impact your seller score.

If the order is still in the Placed status, you will be able to cancel it from your Seller Central by clicking the “Cancel Order” button.




If the order is past the Placed status, the option to cancel the order through your Seller Central will no longer be available, and you will instead need to notify Houzz Customer Support at, to cancel the order.






You should ensure that their inventory is always up to date and accurate. If inventory is not accurate, or due to unforeseen events, you may receive orders for items that are out-of-stock or on backorder. Please note that backorders and late shipments negatively impact your Seller Score.


You must verify that a product has available inventory before moving that order into a "Processing" state. If a new order contains a product that is out-of-stock or on backorder, a customer always has the option to cancel the order.


If an order is on backorder, you will need to update the estimated delivery dates through the “Change Estimated Delivery” button.




You will then be prompted to enter in the number of calendar days that need to be added onto the delivery dates. You should determine this number by estimating how many more calendar days past your current maximum ship by date it will take for you to ship the order out.


For example, if your current maximum ship by date is Oct. 28, and you will not be able to ship the order out until Nov. 4, you will want to add 7 days to the current delivery date.






This will then update your maximum ship by date to be Nov. 4.




Updating delivery dates will notify the customer via email. Should the new delivery dates not work for the customer, they will have 48 hours to cancel the order on their own through their account.








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