Communicating with Customers


The Houzz messaging feature enables communication between Houzz sellers and customers. Using the Houzz web interface, you will be able to exchange messages directly with customers.



The messaging tool is designed to streamline communication and solve problems faster.


The following guidelines apply:

  • Seller must respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Seller must be helpful and friendly in all communication.
  • Unsolicited communications with Houzz users is prohibited. This includes attempts to remarket to Houzz customers after a sale.
  • Any attempt to communicate with Houzz customers outside of the Houzz messaging tool or direct users away from Houzz is prohibited. This includes distributing email addresses, phone numbers or a seller asking customers to contact them directly.
  • Seller must not post on other sellers’ product pages or attempt to direct customers to their own product.

How it works:


After placing an order, a customer can contact you using an online form on Houzz. You will receive an email when you have a new message. Do not reply to this email as this will not reach the customer. Click the “See Message” button within the email to read and reply to the message.


Customers will not receive your email address.



Responding to a message:


Click the “See Message” button in the email to view the customer’s message. Sign into Houzz and click on “Reply”. In the dialog, compose your message and press “Send.”


Where to find messages:

Sign in and go to Your Houzz. Click the Messages link in the menu on the left of your screen to see and respond to all messages.


Initiating a message:

If you need to initiate contact with a customer about an order, sign in to Seller Central. Click on the “Contact Customer” button next to the appropriate order.





If you need to cancel a customer’s order after it is processed, you must reach out to the customer by sending a message through Houzz and notify Houzz directly by emailing

If a customer asks to cancel an order through a message, and you agree to cancel, you must inform Houzz at


Answering Product Questions


Houzz users often ask specific questions about products in an effort to learn more before purchasing. Since you know the most about your products, we encourage you to answer these questions accurately and promptly in order to drive more sales. Prompt responses to questions can help close sales and build the relationship between the customer and your brand.


How do I answer a product question?


There are a few different ways that you can answer a product question. For all of the different options you will need to be logged into your Houzz profile. Once you are logged in, you should follow the correlating instructions below:


From your inbox select the email titled “Someone has a question about one of your products on Houzz”. Inside the email you will see the product, question, and a green button to “See Question”. This button will direct you to the product question page. Respond in the comments field, and select submit.

Your Houzz Profile:

Hover over “Your Houzz” from the upper right hand corner of the page and select Seller/Vendor Central. Then select “Your Houzz - Overview”. On this page, you should select “Questions” from the horizontal menu. Here, you can filter between all of your questions, and those that haven’t been answered. Select the question that you would like to answer and you will be directed to the product question page. From here, you should enter your response in the comments field, and select submit.

The Product Page:

From the product page you can scroll down to the customer's question, and enter your response within the comments section. Once your answer is complete select submit.


Do I have to answer the question right away?

We encourage you to answer the question as soon as possible, and always within 48 hours. Please keep in mind, the consumer's decision to purchase is often times reliant on your answer. Our data indicates that customers are much more likely to purchase a product when questions are answered promptly.


What if I don’t know how to answer the question?

If you are unsure how to answer please email us with the question at


Can I edit, or delete my answer?

Only for a limited amount of time. Once your answer has been posted for 24 hours you will no longer have the option to edit or remove your answer. This is to ensure the communication within the thread is comprehensive for other viewers.


Your answer...

  • should remain factual and free of any opinion
  • should be kept up to date, and accurate
  • should be written in positive, friendly and helpful language
  • will remain visible to the Houzz community
  • should remain on Houzz. This is to ensure that other customers who are interested in purchasing the product can benefit from your answer.
  • can never include links outside of Houzz or phone numbers.

To help get you started we’ve included some sample templates below:

General Question:

Hi there!


Thank you!

Out of Stock:

Hi there! This [PRODUCT] is currently in production. Once we receive more inventory we will update the listing.

Thank you!

Where can I buy this?

Hi and thanks for your question! You can purchase this item by adding it to your cart and selecting check out now!

Thank you!

Shipping Windows:

Hi and thanks for your question! This item is ready to ship within ___ business days from the time you place your order. Transit time varies depending on where you are located. Once you place your item in your cart and proceed to checkout, you'll be provided with an estimated delivery window prior to completing your purchase.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Return Policies:

Hi and thanks for your question! Below please find the return policy for this item. For future reference, you can find the return policy on any of our items listed under the "Product Specifications" on the right hand side of the product listing. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Phone Orders:

Hi and thanks for your question!  To ensure order security, we only take orders online. However, our Customer Support team would be happy to assist you and walk you through the purchase process over the phone. Please call us at your convenience at 800.368.4268.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


If at anytime you are unsure on how to respond, or would like assistance answering a product question please reach out to us at






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