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How to view your Orders


Sellers can view their orders in Seller Central by clicking on the “Orders” link in Seller Central or by visiting this page: From this page, you can sort, search, filter, and view orders.


Processing Orders


There are 6 different statuses that orders may be categorized in

  • Placed (listed as “New” in filter dropdown)
  • Processing
  • Failed to Charge
  • Charged
  • Shipped
  • Cancelled

Your Orders may be filtered by stage and/or date for convenience:




Below you will find descriptions about each status.


Status: Placed




The placed status means that the order has been placed, and needs acknowledgement that it will be processed and fulfilled. You can find additional details pertaining to the order through the “View Order” button.


It is important to reference the “Ship By” information, which is based on your provided lead times. Orders shipped after the maximum ship by date will negatively affect your seller score.


If you are able to process the order, click on the “Process Order” button. This should be done within 24 hours of receiving the order.


For instructions on cancelling an order, or delaying delivery dates due to a backorder, click here.




The processing status means that you have acknowledged the order and are processing the order.


At this point, you will be able to print the order’s packing slip. It is required that you include the packing slip with every order. You will find complete instructions on packaging your order in the section below, titled 'Shipping and Handling'.


When an order is ready to be shipped, click “Charge Card”. This will pre-authorize the customer’s credit card, and the authorization will be valid for 7 days. Because of this, orders should be shipped within 7 days of charging the card. If an order is not shipped within 7 days of charging the card, the pre-authorization expires and you will need to charge the card again. It is important to note that charging a card multiple times will negatively affect your seller score.  



Status: Failed to Charge



If the customer’s card fails to charge, you will be notified immediately through your Seller Central, and the order will move into the Failed to Charge status.


The customer will be notified via email, and will be requested to update their payment information. Once their payment information has been updated, the order will move back to the processing status, and you will need to charge the card once more to authorize the updated payment. Recharging a card due to a payment update will not negatively affect your seller score.


Our system will automatically cancel orders that remains in “Failed to Charge” status without any payment update for more than 7 days.


Status: Charged




The “Charged” status means that the card has been successfully pre-authorized. You will have 7 days to mark the order as shipped before the authorization expires.


Clicking the ship order button will...

  1. Notify the customer via email that their order is on the way and provide them with tracking information
  2. Collect funds from the customer’s credit card
  3. Schedule payment for the order


Due to the above events, orders should be marked as shipped within 24 hours of actually being shipped, however should happen before the product leaves the warehouse.


It is possible for an order to fail to charge during the ship order action. If an order fails to charge, during this stage, you should not ship the order.


Should you accidentally ship an order that is failed to charge, Houzz Customer Service ( will be happy to assist in collecting payment, however if we are unable to collect payment, you will be responsible for the order.


Status: Shipped


The “Shipped” status means that the order has been shipped, and not further actions are required.


If needed, tracking can be updated on via the “Update Tracking” number. You may also send a coupon to existing customers for future orders on your products via the “Send Coupon” button.




Status: Cancelled




The “Cancelled” status means that the order has been canceled. You are also given the option to send coupons on canceled orders in case you want provide a better customer experience should an order be canceled to do it being out of stock or delayed.


Shipping and Handling


You are responsible for sourcing, fulfilling and shipping products to customers under the following guidelines:

  • Seller must ensure products are packaged for safe transit and that goods arrive in excellent condition
  • Seller must provide accurate shipping estimates on a per-product basis, if applicable
  • Seller must print and include the Houzz packing slip in each product shipment
  • Seller must include all Houzz-supplied packaging materials in each product shipment
  • Seller must not include any promotional materials with the package
  • Seller must apply a minimum service of curbside for all freight orders
  • Seller must provide legitimate tracking information

Packaging Materials


When packaging the item, please also include the Houzz Branding Materials provided to you. These materials will be sent separately to you.


  • Stick the Houzz sticker onto the outside of the box
  • Enclose the Houzz greetings card inside the package
  • Use the Houzz tape to seal up the box




Click Print Packing Slip and insert it in the box along with the Houzz greetings card, warranty and manufacturer.










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