Managing your Inventory


It's important to keep inventory levels accurate and up to date at all times. This minimises problems with out-of-stock events and issues.

Repeated cancellations due to out-of-stock issues may lead to termination of your vendor privileges

API automation is the best way to guarantee flawless, real-time stock level updates, and we highly recommend setting this up. Alternatively, you can update your stock levels manually, at least once per day.


Automating your Inventory Updates

If you wish to automate your inventory update through API, EDI or FTP that’s great! Please write to and the Seller support team will give you all the information you need and get you set up with our technical team.

 Alternatively, there are three ways to manually update inventory for your products:


Edit your Inventory via the Manage Products page

You can edit the inventory information for a product directly from the Manage Products page by editing the Stock column for each product. All your changes are immediately auto-saved after you tab out of the field.

  • Click ‘Products’ in left navigation: This is the main products page with all products listed out.
  • Under ‘Manage Products’, you should see all your products listed.
  • You can change the stock from here and deactivate the products which are not available anymore by choosing among the “Status” options “Discontinued”



Edit your Inventory via the Edit Product Listing page

You can edit each product individually using the Edit Product Listing page, available for each product. From the Manage Products page, click on the Edit link next to any product. This will take you do the Edit Product Listing page.



You can update inventory information at any time. See the Pricing and Inventory section, edit the Quantity in Stock and then click Update.






Edit your Inventory in bulk via an Inventory Feed

An Inventory Feed is the best way to edit information for multiple products at once. You'll need to follow these steps: 

  • Download your current Inventory Feed (.csv) by clicking the Download Inventory button on the Manage Products page. Open this file in your preferred editor (e.g. Google Docs, Excel).



Edit the feed as needed and make sure the Action column says Update for the products you wish to change




Save your feed as a .csv file and visit the Upload Product Feed page by clicking the Import Inventory button.



Upload the file on the Upload Product Feed page and make sure to select the Adjust Stock for Existing Products tab



You can check the processing status of your feed by clicking on View Status from the pop up window as well as by visiting the Feed Status page from the Products menu. This page will show you if any products have failed, along with the corresponding line of the failure(s). Make corrections as advised, save, and upload again.






From the Manage Products page you can even display a list of all your products which are active / inactive / discontinued / pending / on hold by clicking on the drop down menu list Filter By. This is useful especially to see all the products that are not active yet because are missing some information from your side. In this case, feel free to ask directly to






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